Previously a diplomat and EU negotiator, I have turned my passion into my profession. I have had a fascination and enthusiasm for colours and style for a long time: particularly the effect that they can have on a person's appearance, complexion, image and disposition. I trained formally as a colour, style and image consultant in Antwerp to help me put this passion into practice. My aim is to help my clients achieve the perfect match between the style and image they adopt, and the message they want to convey: the key to this is finding the right balance and harmony.

My passion for the positive effect of colour in people's lives is not limited to clothes. The colours you choose for your interiors have a huge impact on your well-being. As a trained interior stylist, I can translate your preferences and ideas into the interior that you've always wanted for your home. And I practice what I preach: you can see on this website how my former home in Brussels combines the Art Nouveau structural elements with modern and classic furniture to achieve a harmonious interior where people feel at home. I am always happy to discuss how I can help you with your interior.

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